Stella mwangi.
Stella Nyambura Mwangi is a Norwegian-Kenyan singer, songwriter and rapper. Mwangi writes a lot of her music about the situation in her home country Kenya, also about discrimination both Stella and her family had to go through after moving to Norway in 1991.


Stella Mwangi/Philantrophy


With future plans on opening a music/sport/fashion center for youths in Maragua. Stella Mwangi has been involved a the following social community development activities :-


Donated hospital equipment close to 80,000 UDS to Maragua District hospital where she was born in
1986. Collaborating with ‘Good Deeds’ Campaign with the Pambazuka National Lottery Kenya.
Pambazuka National Lottery is committed to improving the country’s healthcare sector by using
part of their proceeds from the lottery to support various health causes and initiatives.
The Good Deeds campaign has been making donations towards different worthy causes across the nation leading to the successful launch of the Pambazuka National Lottery (PNL) on 10th July, 2016. The beneficiary hospital was nominated after the PNL team in conjunction with Stella
Mwangi (STL); PNL’s brand ambassador visited and assessed the needs of the hospital. The donation included wheelchairs, stretchers, incubators, baby cots, patient beds among others.

Stella Mwangi was part of the Safi International Campaign creating awareness for use of bioethanol
for safe means of cooking by women in East Africa.

Stella Mwangi put out an awareness campaign record dubbed ‘Chukua hatua’ meaning ‘Take
action’ in Swahili. The record´s message is about taking action in discovering your potential and
being the change you wish to see.
The record is Stella Mwangi’s initiative for a safe and efficient cooking cooking stove called ‘SAFI
E-COOKER’ a Norwegian bio-ethanol stove designed by ‘Safi International’. To provide the low
and middle income earning East African families with a better, clean, efficient, healthy, and safe
means of cooking. Contributing to the many solutions of pollution and deforestation in the world.
Chukua Hatua has been written By Stella Mwangi produced by Freddie W. Dillie & Stella Mwangi,
under Badili Akili. Co-composed by Abakisimba.

• Since 2007 Stella Mwangi has been the ambassador for the Education Council
‘Utdanningshjelpen’ in Norway.
• After she took the Education Council (UH) fundraising concert “O YEAH” in the
summer of 2007, she interest UHS work. Today has Stella and UH cooperation
that is that she will promote UHS projects in their concerts. Stella has always
been committed to building schools in Africa and want to help families who can
not afford to pay for the education of their children

• Education Council currently has projects in four countries: Kenya, Ghana,
Mozambique and Ethiopia.
• She held a benefit concert with fundraising in Nairobi in 2008 where she brought
in her artist network.
• Education Council went on the first project trip with members in the year-end
2008/2009. When it held fundraising again at The Norwegian School in Nairobi.
It was held in conjunction with a UH seminar on corporate social responsibility.
Honoured guests included the then Norwegian Ambassador Elisabeth Jacobsen
and Development in Kenya, Mohamed Elm and Stella Mwangi.
• In December 2010 the cooperation UH go Diaspora Network (DN) held a youth
conference in Nairobi: “Empowering the youth through networking and giving
back to the society”. Where she entertained guests and gave an inspiring speech
about her journey in music.
• A total of 27 students graduated after high school and higher education. Already,
several of the graduate students in relevant jobs: Two teachers and one nurse
have used their education to open a workshop for images and mopeds.
• Education Council Support scholarships to 104 students (October 2011).
• She looks forward to more avenues to practice more philanthropy.